Anti-Skim Protection DIP and Motorized Card Readers

Card Fraud

Anti-Skimming Protection for Your ATM

Guard your ATMs against fraud attacks by equipping your ATMs with anti-skim solutions to prevent card skimming.  

ATMs are attractive targets for criminals and crimes against them are constantly evolving. In fact, organized criminals who target ATMs cost the industry billions of dollars every year. 

Skimming devices can be added to card readers so quickly they can easily go unnoticed. To combat skimming attempts, Cummins Allison protects its motorized and dip card readers with the following built-in anti-skim features:

Jamming: prevents the skimming device from reading a customer’s card information. 

Metal detection: monitors for a metallic object attached to the bezel. If a skimming device is detected, the ATM is taken out of service until the threat is removed.

Jitter motion: brings the card in through an irregular stop-start "jitter" motion. This motion distorts the magnetic strip information on the card making the copied information unusable by the skimmer.

Eliminate vulnerabilities with these additional motorized card reader features 

Card trapping

The card reader is equipped with sensors which detect unusual problems with the insertion of a card into the ATM. If the device has been manipulated an internal lock mechanism clamps the card and holds it in the reader, protecting the inserted card from getting into the perpetrator’s hand after the transaction is complete.

Unique shutter design

A unique design enhances the card reader and shutter from being forced open. If an item inserted does not meet the standard bank card width or magnetic features, the card reader will not accept the item and will return it to the user.

Unique sensors and bezel design

The physical shape of the card reader and fascia effectively prevents perpetrators from attaching a card skimming device around the ATM card reader or applying a false front. If tampering occurs and the detection sensor is covered or compromised, the ATM will be taken out of service.


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