Automated Deposit Module H34N and H48ND ATMs

automated desposit module atm

Simplify operations for consumers and branch personnel

Migrate deposit processing away from your teller line, while driving cost out of your branch operations with automated deposit technology.

Our Automated Deposit Module or ADM…uses a single deposit slot that accepts up to 100 bills or 50 checks at one time, the largest number of items in the industry.  Checks and cash are stored in a secure, seperate locked location so you can confidently manage processing.

Adding this feature can be done when you purchase machines or added-on at a later date. This gives you total control over when this consumer-friendly solution can be added to your network.

Benefits include:

  • Improved consumer service and reduce cost: Migrates deposit processing away from teller line, while driving cost out of branch operations.
  • SIngle slot receptacle: Simplifies the deposit process accepting up to 100 notes or 50 checks at one time. Largest capacity in the industry.
  • User-friendly interface: Leads consumers through the entire transaction, providing instant verification of their deposit. Consumers leave with a receipt displaying images of the checks and a detailed count of the cash deposited.
  • Suspect bill detection: sophisticated sensors inhibit the influx of false bills at a point of vulnerability.

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Automated Deposit ATMs

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Single-slot Accepts up to 100 bills or 50 checks per transaction
Automatic document alignment feature reads and processes documents regardless of orientation
Validates US currency in real-time
Reject Up to 60 items
Retract Up to 100 items
Cassette 2 removable locking units hold 2,000 documents each

Free-fall bin with 4,000 document capacity
Escrow Holds documents until deposit is accepted or rejected by cardholder