JetLink Remote Management for ATMs Managed Services Solution

Managed Services Solution

ATM fleet management made simple

Perform a variety of ATM management tasks right from your desktop with JetLink remote management.  

An economical solution for small- to mid-size banks and credit unions, JetLink provides essential functions that keep your ATM channel open. Without having to make a trip to the machine and via JetLink remote management, authorized users can:

  • Retrieve EJ logs for Reg-E compliance and transaction auditing
  • Leverage the event scheduler to download marketing campaigns for your ATM screens
  • Control messaging on ATMs individually or in groups
  • Reboot ATMs or place in or out of service

With some exceptions, you can even receive software updates via JetLink (non-OS updates may require a technician visit), as well as view ATM status remotely to proactively manage ATM operations.


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