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Adopting and Promoting Automated Deposit at the ATM

Streamline the onboarding process of new technology among branch employees and improve adoption rates among consumers.  Our portfolio of onboarding services is designed to help an FI maximize their automated deposit investment.

There is always a learning curve when implementing new technology. To be successful with automated deposit, it is important to educate both employees and consumers on the new technology available and the correct way to use it.

Cummins Allison's portfolio of onboarding services is designed to help an FI maximize their automated deposit investment. We recommend you take advantage of all these solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your consumers.

Menu of services

Professional services

Our professional services team works with an FI before, during and after implementation to ensure that your technology investment is designed and optimally deployed to meet your expectations. This service includes:

  • Defining requirements

  • Impact on business processes

  • Software flow

  • Screen design, multimedia, language options

  • Post implementation follow up

Automated deposit workshop

This four-hour workshop is led by an independent industry expert with extensive experience deploying automated deposit at financial institutions. This workshop has three goals:

  • Prepare an FI to migrate transactions from the teller line to an automated deposit ATM

  • Educates FI employees on the impact to the FI

  • Discusses the customer training needed to ensure a superior experience

Automated deposit readiness training for FI employees

Employee training consists of:

  • Video tutorial that employees can watch at their leisure to see how the new check and cash deposit technology works.

  • Hands on training led by a Cummins Allison specialist ensures employees understand the ATM’s new features, functionality, overall experience, and ability to demonstrate usage among your consumers.

Marketing campaign toolkit

If your FI doesn’t have a marketing department, we can make it easy for you to communicate and promote automated deposit usage with pre-designed customer educational materials. Available in two design options: standard and custom, each toolkit contains a robust set of communication materials such as pamphlets, step-by-step guide, website copy, demo video.

Concierge services

This service includes a dedicated team of trained individuals to be stationed in branches to answer questions and demonstrate usage.Concierges are trained to provide an FI with personalized assistance and serve as a one-stop source to help answer consumer questions.


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