Cash Logistics Manager Software

Cash Logistics Manager for cash-office operations

Managing and reporting cash-office logistics efficiently and easily

Accounting for and tracking cash is challenging — especially when you manage multiple locations that accept assorted bills, coins, checks and credit cards daily. Cummins Allison solves this challenge with a unique solution: Cash Logistics Manager. It’s a highly customizable, software-based solution that can cut your processing time in half — all at a very affordable rate.

Cash intensive businesses — including vending, parking, tollways, transportation companies, and casinos — can all benefit from this user-defined solution.

Cash Logistics Manager consolidates totals from your currency machines and manually inputs totals, such as credit card receipts, reconciling and transferring that information into your accounting system and/or preparing it for deposit. Revenue totals can be tracked based on the original source or location of the funds, or any other designation you require. The information is processed and stored electronically, where it can easily be analyzed to improve forecasting and business growth potential.

Harness the power of your data with these unique benefits:

  • Collection and storage of data for reporting and analysis

  • Elimination of manual data entry

  • Integration with existing currency processing products, such as JetScan®, JetScan iFX®, and JetSort®

  • Consulting services to meet your requirements

  • Ongoing software support


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