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Coin Counting Machines

Count on Cummins Allison for your coin counting needs. With customers in financial, grocery, gaming, cash-in-transit, vending and other coin-intensive industries, we offer a wide variety of products to help you process coins faster and more accurately, eliminating inefficiencies in your operations.

From self-service coin counting machines to commercial coin counters and coin sorters, find the best coin counting machine for your organization. Multiple machine choices and acquisition options, plus the ability to manage coin pickup and processing for a truly risk-free, hands-free operation.

Self-Service Coin Counter - Bank & Credit Union Coin Counting

Increase traffic and grow profits

Money Machine 2 Self Service Coin Counter Machine

Coin counter machine, self service coin counting machine, coins to cash machine

JetLink Remote Management Web-based Monitoring

Remote Management Solution for Coin Counter

Coin Programs Purchase, Placement, Lease, Rent

coin counting machine, coin sorter, bank coin counting

Coin Sorters and Coin Counting Machines

The fastest and most accurate coin sorters and coin counters in the industry

JetSort 1000 Coin Sorter and Coin Counter

JetSort 1000 Coin sorter, coin counter

JetSort 2000 Coin Sorter and Counter

JetSort 2000 Coin Sorter, coin counter

JetSort 3000 Coin Sorter and Counter

JetSort 3000 Coin Sorter, Coin Counter

JetSort 4000 Coin Sorter and Counter

JetSort 4000 Coin Counter,Coin Sorter

JetSort 6000 Coin Sorter and Counter

JetSort 6000 Coin Sorter, Coin Counter