Paypod Embedded Built-in POS Pay Station

Paypod Embedded

Fast and customer-friendly pay station that integrates right into your counter

Paypod Pay Station helps retailers with cash handling at the point of sale. Customers process the transaction while employees complete the order. By automating payment, retailers can limit hygienic issues and time spent on reconciling while improving throughput.

Paypod Embedded™ easily fits under standard retail counters. The robust, hardened design is secure with a lockable enclosure door, lockable banknote recycler cashbox, and a dual-locking feature on the coin recycler. The rolling cart with swivel base provides 360° access to the cash devices from behind the counter.

Paypod Embedded lets you:

  • Save time by enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing manual cash handling

  • Increase control with a secure enclosure that reduces shrink and eliminates counterfeits

  • Improve hygiene by allowing food to be handled by employees and cash to be handled by customers

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing point-of-sale system


Check out Paypod Hybrid if you prefer a solution that mounts to the surface of your counter.


Meet Paypod: Cashier Assistant with Security

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There's a Paypod Embedded That's Right for You

Paypod Embedded E22

Paypod E22 Embedded Enclosure, CLS Coin Recycler, SCR Advance™ Banknote Recycler

The E22 provides sequential note dispensing and counterfeit rejection in an enclosure that is height adjustable under the counter

Paypod Embedded E23

Paypod E23 Embedded Enclosure, CLS Coin Recycler, BNR3 Advance Banknote Recycler

The E23 has all of the features of the E22, with the addition of bundled note dispensing, multiple note escrow, and increased note recycling capacity

Paypod Embedded E24

Paypod E24 Embedded Enclosure, CLS Coin Recycler, BNR4 Advance Banknote Recycler

The E24 has all of the features of the E23, with the addition of a 250 note loading capacity


Product Specifications

Design Embedded design to easily fit under standard retail counters
Benefit Robust, hardened design
Installation Installs in under 60 minutes
Physical Specifications
Dimensions Height: 34.25"
Width: 22.83"
Depth: 19.29"
Enclosure Weight With Recyclers:
Model E22: 201 lbs.
Model E23: 231 lbs.
Model E24: 240 lbs.

Without Recyclers:
154 lbs.
Software POSlinq™ Interface Software
Connection to POS USB
Locking Dual locking systems to separate technical parts from value
Power Mains powered with isolation switch
Access 360° access to cash devices on a swivel base
What's Included
Items Rolling cart
Master power supply
USB hub
Wiring harness
Coin entry cup
Coin entry and exit LEDs
Front counter fascia
Coin Recycler CLS
Note Recycler E22: SCR Advance
E23: BNR3
E24: BNR4
Acceptable Coin Size Range 0.063"-1.28"
Coin Recycler Capacity Approximately 2,680 coins
Coin Validation Speed 10 coins/second
Coin Dispensing Speed 6 coins/second
Acceptable Note Size Range 2.44"-3.27" wide and 4.72"-7.09" long
Note Recycing Capacity E22: 120 notes
E23: 180 notes
E24: 180 notes
Note Recycling Denomination Quantity E22: Up to 2
E23: Up to 4
E24: Up to 4
Note Loading Capacity E22: NA
E23: NA
E24: 250 notes
Note Dispensing E22: Single
E23: Bundles
E24: Bundles
Multiple Note Escrow E22: No
E23: Yes
E24: Yes
Note Stacking Capacity 600 notes
Rejects Counterfeit Notes and Coins Yes