Ticket Counting and Imaging

Keeping up with increasing ticket and currency volume is challenging, and you need solutions that are up to the task. JetScan iFX scanners and JetScan MPS and JetScan MPX multi-pocket sorters process mixed tickets and cash in one pass while reading and imaging the tickets, reducing processing time and labor hours. Imaging tickets also allows you to eliminate many of the costs associated with ticket storage, plus it lets you quickly and accurately retrieve ticket information at a later date, without having to dig through boxes. The JetScan iFX scanner is the only device that can easily handle tickets, cash and checks on the same device, improving efficiency and productivity.

JetScan iFX ticket scanner, ticket counter, ticket barcode scanner, cash counter, and check scanner
multi-pocket TITO counter and cash counter

JetScan MPS Ticket and Currency Sorters

Expandable for greater throughput and performance

JetScan MPS 4100 Multi-pocket Ticket and Currency Sorter

multi-pocket TITO ticket in ticket out counter and money counter JetScan MPS 4100

JetScan MPS 4200 Multi-pocket Ticket and Currency Sorter

Multi-pocket ticket barcode scanner and currency counting machine
JetScan MPX 8200