JetScan MPS 4200 Multi-pocket Ticket and Currency Sorter

Multi-pocket ticket barcode scanner and currency counting machine

Efficient, flexible, highly productive cash and ticket scanning

Proven cash and ticket counting and sorting in a compact, 8-pocket solution with optional fitness, strappers, and ticket imaging. Count mixed ticket-in, ticket out (TITO) casino tickets and cash at 1,000 items per minute and industry-leading uptime.

JetTouch operating software includes menu-driven operator prompts, built-in data viewing and reporting, save and export options, and interface capability. 

  • Sort currency and barcode TITO tickets at 1,000 items per minute

  • Fitness, strapping and ticket imaging options

  • Preset up to 8 user-specific operations

  • Ensure accuracy with double verification of notes

  • Enhance security using password controls

  • Face bills automatically

  • Mitigate risk with enhanced counterfeit detection

  • Increase uptime using on-screen diagnostics

  • Easy-to-operate intuitive touch-screen display


  • Continuous high-capacity feeder: multi-batch, 1,000 document capacity.

  • Eight user-configured sorting pockets: 300-item capacity each.

  • Track non-currency items: Coupons, gift certificates, checks and other documents.

  • Height-adjustable table: Front work surface so users work efficiently with minimal effort.


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Maximize your TITO counting investment with labor-saving options and add-ons:

  • In-line strappers: Maximize output. Manage high-volume denominations, reduce FTEs and greatly increase throughput with up to 2 user-defined automatic strapping modules.
  • Ticket imaging: Save time, space, and equipment, capturing electronic ticket images in one-pass processing together with currency at 1,000 documents per minute. Export ticket images to your network for archiving. Fast, easy search and retrieval eliminates the need for physical ticket storage.
  • Advanced scanning module (ASM): Enables 8 levels of fitness sorting as well as the highest available level of counterfeit detection. Offsort unfit bills and use only fit bills in ATMs and other cash-dispensers for better uptime.
  • In-line bar-code scanning: Captures data automatically and transfers to your system. Casino system interfaces are available. Hand-held bar-code gun may be used for added flexibility.
  • Compatible printers: Include thermal or impact models to enable operators to print reports on demand.
Maximum Speed 1,000 documents per minute
Denominations Scanned
Types All in circulation
Feed Hopper
Capacity 1,000 bills automatic continuous feeding
Sorting Pockets
Capacity 7 pockets base unit

300 bills per pocket
Add-on Cassettes/Pockets
Options Up to 8 additional
Offsort Pocket
Capacity 2 user-definable

150 bills each
Escrow Stacker
Capacity N/A
Specs 8.4" LCD flat panel touch screen
Options Attach up to 2 strapper modules
Physical Specs
Size MPS: 60-72” H x 55” W (ASM - 62” W) x 30” D

Work surface adjusts 33” to 45” from floor

Work surface in front of sorter: 10” x 55”

Four-pocket add-on module: 43 3/4 to 55 3/4” H

Strapper: 42" H x 36" W x 20" D
Weight 4202, 4202ECF: 630 lbs. 4202F: 690 lbs. 4203: 625 lbs. 4203F: 685 lbs. 4211, 4211ECF, 4255: 632 lbs. 4211F: 692 lbs.

Four-pocket add-on module: 260 lbs.

Standard strapping module: 350 lbs.
Power Specs
Voltage 105-130 VAC or 198-253 VAC
Power consumption FLA: 9A / 4.5A
Operating Conditions Temperature: 50° to 80°F (10°C-26°C)

Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% (non-condensing)