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Case Studies

Rio Grande Valley Credit Union

South Texas credit union realized more than $30,000 in annual savings thanks to Cummins Allison technology. Self-service coin counters and ATMs provide better member experience.

Product/Program: Coin Programs

Twin City Bank

Twin City Bank discusses why they decided to bank the cannabis industry. They want to server their community businesses and help curb any security issues from cannabis businesses having large volumes of cash on-hand.

Product/Program: JetScan One-Pocket

Essence Dispensary Las Vegas

Essence Dispensary in Las Vegas cut the time to count cash by 88% after installing a JetScan iFX i200 currency-counting solution in all four of their locations.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100

River Valley Credit Union

River Valley Credit Union Saves $30,000 Annually by Switching to Coin-Counting Equipment from Cummins Allison

Product/Program: Money Machine 2

Mercer County Prosecutor's Office

Mercer County (NJ) Prosecutor's Office uses a JetScan iFX money counter to count cash seizures quickly and easily, saving the county dozens of hours per week processing cash.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100, i200 for Law Enforcement

St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union

St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union, located in Ogdensburg, New York has added ATMs with deposit functionality and Money Machine® 2 coin counting machines to its branches.

Product/Program: Money Machine 2

Salinas Union High School District

Salinas Union High School District in Salinas, CA, reduced deposit preparation by 70 percent. They implemented JetScan iFX and JetSort solutions because they wanted the most advanced machines to save time in the school and district offices.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i200

First State Bank

First State Bank in Nashua, Iowa selected a deposit-enabled ATM from Cummins Allison to make it convenient for customers to bank anytime.

Product/Program: Automated Deposit Module

Hilltop National Bank

Hilltop National Bank brings advanced capabilities and convenience to customers with ATMs from Cummins Allison. Upgradeability, dependability and dedicated service were key deciding factors in upgrading their six ATMs.

Product/Program: Small footprint ATMs

City of Norfolk, Va

Norfolk, Va., Division of Parking significantly reduced time and costs by implementing an integrated hardware and software solution to streamline cash collection for a complex parking operation in this department of municipal government.

Product/Program: Cash Logistics Manager